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Yamabito cuisine and private open-air bath, country inn of hearty
Large nature and clear air of the water continuing mountain wave. And enter and one step foot in the inn of natural wood countryside building, there is nostalgic countryside holiday. The sweat of the journey I will sink in private bath of natural hot springs, please enjoy the pride of Yamabito cuisine using plenty ingredients of local Okutone. It smells and insects of the voice of the wind, babbling brook, blink of star, is here nature of peace. Not please relax please your slowly.
Water hot spring inn Keisetsu Syoubun is based on the concept of "host can be introduced to patrons in peace inn", has been a member of the "one of the inn club" that unique and and attractive small inn gather. will be discounted 5% accommodation price. Please check the one of the inn club website.

The clear red dragonfly is seeded in the air, mountains, which turns red and yellow to red and yellow. Kitchen in rich food is also exciting season. How to enjoy the season is here